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The Health and Safety Executive state:

“HAVS is preventable, but once the damage is done it is permanent.””

HAVS - Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome:

Earnsby Ltd can now provide IOSH accredited Hand
Arm Vibration measurement and assessment.

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is the name given to a series of serious debilitating conditions that can arise from prolonged exposure to high levels of vibration. 

The management of Hand Arm Vibration is not just about measuring vibration levels, and as with all elements of health and safety it’s about the impact on individuals.  A system of management is required to put in place effective measures for their protection, even when they may be so determined to complete their work that they may put themselves at risk.

Loss of feeling, sensitivity, joint pain, sensitivity to cold and blanching (vibration white finger) are all permanent and untreatable.


HAVS will lead to loss of quality of life, potential ill-health retirement, damages claims and, as a RIDDOR reportable disease, enforcement action.

Earnsby Ltd have expertise in: strategy; policy development; occupational health; out-sourcing (and in-sourcing); well-being; equality and diversity; project management; human resources; finance; and sustainability. 

Earnsby Ltd have experience across the whole spectrum of health and safety hazards you may encounter, including: building services and facilities management, major accident hazard sites; construction; mountaineering; medicine; fire; chemicals; hazardous waste; crowd control; events management; nano-technology; recycling; accommodation; catering; radiation; explosives; theatres and the arts; transport and logistics; facilities management; CSR; teaching and training; health and wellbeing; grounds maintenance; food safety; bulk fuel handling; biological safety and genetic modification; entertainments and nightclubs; engineering; sports; farming; road safety; and archaeology.

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